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Top 10 Asian Noodle Bowls For Under $7

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Tue, Jun 1, 2010 at 2:00 PM

A bowl of noodles is a hallowed thing. As much as it is sustenance, it is also a conversation between yourself and your food, a call and response between flavor and reaction. For many of us in this new wave of modern food exploration, we seek out the best while eating in packs, sharing dishes, rotating bowls and trying as best we can to consume as much variety as possible. Something is lost, though, when we eat a bowl of noodles this way. It is meant to be personal, the flavors and textures subtly changing from one minute to the next, left with your own choice of whether to add condiments, which ones and how much. A bowl of noodles, like a vision quest, is a journey that should be ventured alone, followed through from beginning to end. When you finish a great one, you should feel accomplishment, satisfaction, and ideally, a glimmer of enlightenment.

But as there are seemingly infinite noodles in our great city, we've simplified our top ten list down to something a bit more manageable: Asian and inexpensive. Why seven dollars? Because seven, it turns out, is the new five. Whether its from inflation or recession, many of our favorite cheap bowls have been kicked up a dollar or two in the past couple of years.

click to enlarge Cold soy noodles at Ma Dang Gook Soo - N. GALUTEN
  • N. Galuten
  • Cold soy noodles at Ma Dang Gook Soo
10. Cold Soy Noodles from Ma Dang Gook Soo

This is a special bowl of noodles, albeit one that is not, we assure you, for everyone. The thick, nutty, and sometimes painfully cold soy broth takes a moment to get used to, but those properties also keep the noodles well coated and able to maintain their bite. The flavors are subtle, and the portion is dauntingly large, but its mellowness allows you to find delicacy in ingredients which would usually be overwhelmed by most other foodstuffs. If desired, you can also sprinkle some salt to bring those nuances to the front. 869 S. Western Ave., Koreatown, (213) 487-6008.

click to enlarge Lamb noodle soup at JTYH - N. GALUTEN
  • N. Galuten
  • Lamb noodle soup at JTYH
9. Lamb Noodle Soup from JTYH

These knife cut noodles are rustic, tender and comforting. The slight gaminess of the lamb adds that touch of funk that makes you feel like you could be eating them in some small village in the Chinese countryside, wondering how you got to be so lucky. It is not a precise dish, but rather, a natural one, to be appreciated in much the same way you would an ugly baby with a beautiful smile. 9425 Valley Blvd., Rosemead. (626) 442-8999.

click to enlarge Hot and sour noodles from Pa-Ord - N. GALUTEN
  • N. Galuten
  • Hot and sour noodles from Pa-Ord
8. Tom Yum Noodle from Pa-Ord Noodle

"Thai spicy or American spicy?" she asks when you order. "Liver OK?" "Peanut OK?" Your answer to that first question will primarily indicate what kind of war you want to fight with your bowl of noodles. Thai medium, for example, is not for the weak, and you will feel it on your lips, and later, in your stomach. But the important thing with a dish like this is to strike the proper balance for yourself. The bounty of textures will range between tender, crunchy and chewy; the flavors a robust wave of spicy, sweet, salty and savory.5301 Sunset Blvd., #8, Hlywd. (323) 461-3945.

click to enlarge New Chong Qing's dan dan noodles - N. GALUTEN
  • N. Galuten
  • New Chong Qing's dan dan noodles
7. Dan Dan Noodles from New Chong Qing

Cold sesame noodles, in most incarnations, are at least moderately enjoyable. But the dan dan noodles at Sichuan hotpot specialist New Chong Qing are complex, comforting and deeply addictive. Spicy, nutty, bright and fresh, they have a soft but resilient texture. The portion is not large, but the price ($3.99) makes you consider a second bowl, even if you've already ordered a giant hunk of fish to go into that bubbling, spicy hotpot off to the side. 120 N. San Gabriel Blvd., San Gabriel. (626) 309-0836.

click to enlarge Shio ramen from Foo-Foo Tei - N. GALUTEN
  • N. Galuten
  • Shio ramen from Foo-Foo Tei
6. Shio Ramen from Foo-Foo Tei

Ramen is perhaps the original noodle bowl that Americans fell in love with. Because of this, everyone already seems to have a favorite, and one that they think trumps all others. Some prefer thick, porky broths, others prefer a soy sauce base flooded with MSG. But then there is the shio ramen at Foo-Foo Tei, tucked away on a street in Hacienda Heights that doesn't at all seem like it should contain a restaurant. A delicate broth made from chicken, salt and kelp enhances all the ingredients contained within, but doesn't overpower. Bouncy noodles, crisp bok choy and some of the best pork chashu you'll find in the city. 15018 Clark Ave, Hacienda Heights, (626) 937-6585.

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