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Tips For Agoraphobes & Anyone Who Hates LA Traffic: Top 10 Foodie Shopping Websites

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Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 10:00 AM

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8. Ditalia: Can't get a reservation at your favorite Italian restaurant? Make the dish at home with the help of this Italian-based retailer. Order a bag of semolina tortiglioni, extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany, or a decadent jar of truffle paté. Need wine with that? Search for a bottle of red or white by region, price, or varietal to create a perfect wine pairing, Italian-style.

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  • Earthy Delights

9. Earthy Delights: This Michigan-based company sells wild-harvested seasonal produce like morels, paw paws, fiddleheads and huckleberries. Find specialty goods like black garlic, wild fennel pollen, and bonito flakes for Asian or Italian-inspired meals. Perishable items ship the day you order them, in order to ensure freshness.

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  • Jacksonville Mercantile
  • Jacksonville Mercantile

10. Jacksonville Mercantile: Housed in a mercantile that was built in 1861, this specialty food and wine shop also offers their culinary wares online. Discover specialty foods like BBQ spice kits, British lemon curd, bitter Szechuan berries, and Poppy syrup from Grasse, France. The owners, Constance and David Jesser, choose products like chocolate, honey, dried herbs and select wines from Portland, Oregon based on "taste, quality, and uniqueness."

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