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Dungeons & Dragons Cakes: The Nerdiest Pastries in the Universe -- Dungeon Master Says Eat!

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Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 6:00 AM

Who knew Elves, Half-Elves, Orcs, and Dwarves could taste so delicious? The guy who co-created Dungeons & Dragons, Dave Arneson, died this year (about a month and a half ago). The other guy who created D&D, Gary Gygax, died the year prior. Their memories will live on not only in the hearts of geeky teenage boys the world over, but in the form of cake.

1. The Nerdiest Birthday Cake This Side of Heaven or Hell

I gotta say, it's pretty ugly. But ugly in an adorable way. It was a birthday cake apparently.

click to enlarge dndcake1.jpg

2. The Serious "Now That's A Dragon" Cake

Wow. This one, made by Mike's Amazing Cakes (which are indeed pretty amazing) for someone's birthday, looks too good to eat. But alas it was eaten. Here it is, rolling a multi-sided die. Then being sliced open from the butt.

click to enlarge DD_dragontwopart.jpg

3. The Engagement Cake

Aww... look at the cute little bride and groom. Let's hope their alignments match. Wait, does D&D still do alignments?

click to enlarge DD_engagement.jpg

4. The Monster Characters (Not Dildos) Cake

This one, made by Kimberly Chapman, was called, rather unkindly, by someone else, a "dildo" cake. Sure, the guy on the left is rather on the penile side, but he's actually one of the characters from the D&D Monster Manual. I'm not sure which character. I was not allowed to play D&D when I was in high school.

click to enlarge DD_Characters.jpg

click to enlarge cakemonstermanual.jpg

5. The Cake-As-Map Cake

More of a "big picture" cake. It's labeled "groom cake" so I'm guessing it was for a bachelor party. A very nerdy bachelor party. Did the stripper come dressed as a troll?

click to enlarge DDchocolate_cake.jpg

6. The Book of Birthdays Cake

Someone named Leslee had a birthday and her friend SnarkyGurl made her this cake. It looks pretty good. "This is a chocolate stout cake and the majority of the cake is iced in chocolate cream cheese frosting (the leather book cover is mostly frosting)," says SnarkyGurl. "I used fondant to make all the metal-like pieces and the gold balls...Leslee isn't a big fan of fondant, so we had to make it look good while not getting in the way of the chocolatey goodness."

click to enlarge DD_birthday.jpg

7. The Dice Cake

This one was made for a man by his wife to celebrate Game Masters Day. I'm not sure what Game Masters Day is. I'm not sure I want to know.

click to enlarge rpgdigest_dice_geekcake_top_300x225.jpg

click to enlarge rpgdigest_dice_geekcake_side_300x225.jpg

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