Tune in Tokyo Presents Otsukare-Sama @ ROYAL/T

Tune in Tokyo presented Otsukare-Sama at ROYAL/T, a grand finale event at the Akihabara-inspired Maid Cafe, shop and art space on Friday, June 15th. As Royal/T prepares to close its doors later this summer, Tune in Tokyo invited all their friends back for one last big party, celebrating the maid cafe that's been a centerpiece of the Japanese fashion community and J-Pop scene over the last five years. The event welcomed vendors Chubby Bunny, MugiBunny, Holley Tea Time, The Many Arms of Misha, and more. We also stopped by to check out BANG, the Onch Movement pop up shop which also featured works by special guest designer ShojonoTomo. The BANG pop up shop runs until July 14, 2012. All photos by Shannon Cottrell.

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