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Top 20 Claustrophobia Movies 

Cube (1997):

In this surreal Canadian psychological thriller, seven strangers are placed, inexplicably, in a complicated maze of different-colored, cube-shaped rooms, with no way out. Not just explanation and backstory, but the very nature of time is effaced, leaving the characters and the viewer only with a sense of absurd, Kafkaesque entrapment.
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In the new film Detour, Jackson Alder (Neil Hopkins) finds himself trapped by a mudslide inside his car, alone. It takes intense mental control, as well as purposeful distraction, to escape that kind of claustrophobic, panic-inducing situation (View it in iTunes.) So should you ever be in such tight quarters, you'll need plenty of material with which to distract yourself -- such as a list of the most claustrophobic movies to ever come out of Hollywood. By Diana Clarke.
Published on March 29, 2013

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