The Power of Pole Dancing

A.A. Jones is a vibrant, healthy, athletic 40 year old who stumbled upon a pole-dancing exercise class a few years back. She had no idea what kind of impact this would eventually have on her life. Through these classes she found supportive friends as she learned killer body sculpting moves, and in the process unleashed a sensual side that had been dormant for awhile. Jones kept a diary of her experiences as she transitioned from classes to clubs and details her adventures into stripping in her recently self-published book, TILT Diary Of A Virgin Stripper.

The studio that Jones and her network of girlfriends worked out at, named X-Polesitions, abruptly closed earlier this year. The girls were all devastated at the loss of their studio that had become a second home. Jones decided to offer her house for private workouts and had a pole installed in her living room. Her friends ( Aisha and Gabby in photos) come over weekly to work out and practice their pole technique. Jones has developed into a fantastic pole-dancing instructor and currently teaches in the valley.

These women are something special. They are all hitting 40 and have full time jobs and families but are extremely dedicated to practicing. They make time for dancing because for them, it has become a passion. Gabby is a mother to an 18 year old and works full time. She has been pole dancing for three years and through practice she's discovered that she's a contortionist. Gabby told me, "Before I started pole dancing, I didn't know I was flexible. I love the challenge that pole dancing brings into my life".

Aisha is an attorney with her own practice (yep!). She turned to pole dancing four years ago after a bad breakup. "I'm very proud! I feel sexy, I'm part of a sisterhood and I find it physically challenging." Each woman's motive to dance is different, but at least for these two ladies, it's all about personal growth. Besides the occasional studio recital, neither Gabby or Aisha perform pole dance in clubs. -- Nanette Gonzales


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