The Amazing Johnathan, Steve Valentine, Rob Zabrecky @ Beyond Brookledge Saturday

The Amazing Johnathan is retiring for health reasons after two shows this June at the Magic Castle, but before he does, he performed his spectacular show for a croud of 50 lucky people at Beyond Brookledge last Saturday. Saturday was chock with performances: there was juggling and mischief in Lindsay Benner's Book of Love, Scott Land's hand-crafted, old world-style marionettes, mentalist Bob Cassidy, singers Janet Klein and Marquis Howell II, The Roswell Sisters, Kristian Hoffman, Prince Poppycock, Steven Banks, and Madame. There were also improv tours of the Mission Inn leading to a scary catacomb haunted house given by Jim Turner and Mark Fite, and close-up magic performed by Jonathan Pendragon, Rob Zabrecky, and Steve Valentine. All photos by Star Foreman.

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