Ten Slobs We Love from the Movies

In this week's review of The Hangover III, "Entitled Fraternity Dicks Return to The Hangover Part III," Chris Packham writes: "In the slobs-versus-snobs comedies of the 1970s and '80s, the snooty rich kids were always the antagonists, bullying the nerds and cheating at cross-camp field days." But the tables have turned, writes Packham: "Now the snobs have seized the cultural momentum and basically won the American economy."

"What Warner Brothers marketing is now calling the "Wolf Pack Trilogy" is funny but unlovable, asking the audience not just to laugh at all this meanness but actively to identify with it."

Here are ten slobs we love, guys who would be bullied by the "four pampered rich-boys" of The Hangover III.

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