Rocky Horror is Alive and Well at the NuArt

If you forgot, or somehow didn’t know that L.A. has one of the country’s longest running shadowcasts of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, well, as the ensemble would lovingly say, “fuck you.” Sins O' the Flesh, L.A.’s Rocky Horror troupe, dedicated to debauchery and all things fishnet, has been stirring up mayhem at the NuArt Theatre every Saturday at midnight since 1988. When calculated, this totals over 1,300 performances, making Sins O’ the Flesh the longest running Rocky Horror shadowcast to have performed at the same theatre since the group’s inception. That’s a lot of converted “virgins.”

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is still relevant today, and Sins O’ the Flesh puts on a high-energy, deliciously filthy, hysterical show and not for the money (since they don’t get paid), but for the love of the film and the Rocky Horror community. The cast and crew provide costumes, makeup, props, and set pieces for themselves. They also work their asses off on that stage. So, dammit, when they ask for donations at the end of the night, take into consideration the great fucking time you had and remember you’re not going to get this experience anywhere else. All photos by Jared Cowan.

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