Project Ethos Makes its Mark on L.A. Fashion Week

The combining of music, art and fashion -- a growing trend in L.A. fashion shows -- is becoming ever more popular in part because of Project Ethos founder and CEO, Jason Peskin. Realizing that at the core all three are simply distinct outward expressions of creativity that were inextricably linked, Peskin decided why not embrace it and let L.A. binge on a smorgasbord of creativity? Enter Project Ethos, which combines a fashion show, live music and art exhibitions in one space.

After talking to many designers, musicians and artists it became evident that the driving force behind their work is the need to express themselves creatively regardless of the medium. In fact, many in the fashion world are artists across multiple media beyond clothing.

Hair: Jamila Stewart, Fernando Romero Salon, Beverly Hills
Make-up: Gwen Bernardo and Lady D Make-up
Photographer and Writer: Lowell Taylor, Lowell Taylor Photography

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