Philly Cops Rate L.A.'s Cheesesteaks 

South Street in Burbank offers a slightly different take on the classic Philly sandwich. They use their own unique blend of melted American and Provolone cheeses – something not done in Philly. However, you can request Kraft Cheez Whiz, the famously delicious processed cheese sauce, which is a staple of Philly steak sandwiches. “I like the cheese combination. It’s different, but it’s a good different,” Lou says in his great Philly accent.
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Have you heard this one? Two Philly cops walk into an L.A. cheesesteak joint...

When Captain Jim Kimrey and Lieutenant Lou Liberati, both veteran officers of the Philadelphia Police Department, traveled to L.A. for a convention, did they take a Hollywood tour in their free time? No. They ventured out to sample what our town has to offer in the way of Philly cheesesteaks. Jim and Lou were born and raised in South Philly, the home of Pat’s and Geno’s, the two most well-known cheesesteak places. Can any of the sandwiches from our L.A. joints even partially live up? We went to four of them to get Jim's and Lou’s personal opinions. All photos by Jared Cowan.
Published on April 7, 2014

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