February Month in Photos 

Photo by Lina Lecaro
From Nightranger Filmmaker John Roecker's antiProject Runwaythemed house party in Los Feliz a couple of weeks ago demanded fashion faux pas of all attendees, and after deep clothes-minded contemplation we narrowed it down to three so-wrong-they're-right style statements: "Ghetto Un-fabulous" (press-on nails, Mr. T gold, designer knockoffs, cheap extensions), "Cobrasnake babe" (headbands, Day-Glo Ray-Bans, mismatched American Apparel, tube socks) and "Pretty Ugly/Makeup maven circa 1998" (Serious- or Lip Servicebrand anything, glitter makeup, sparkly scarves).
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Bacon hot dogs, wine around L.A., Willie, Liars, Siouxsie and more
Published on May 28, 2008

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