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Bierbeisl: Austrian Dining in Beverly Hills 

Anne Fishbein
Apfel strudel at Bierbeisl.
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Since its opening last February, much has been made of BierBeisl, Bernhard Mairinger’s restaurant in the heart of Beverly Hills. The chef’s surprising numerical statistics have been examined (he’s a giant 6 feet 7 inches, heightwise, and a baby, 28, agewise). He’s been the subject of many “best” and “best new” and “hottest” lists. And, as chef/owner of “L.A.’s only authentic Austrian restaurant,” Mairinger has seen much (justified) oohing and ahhing over his schnitzel, his goulash, bratwurst, weisswurst and selection of schnapps. Read the story.
Published on January 9, 2013

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