20 Most Memorable Movie Villains of 2013 

Photo by Frank Masi, SMPSP - © 2012 - Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
17. The villains of A Good Day to Die Hard are the producers, writers and director. As our brains jigsaw director John Moore's shots into their own individual narratives, we might discern that the heroes have once again leapt from a building without first looking down.

(Pictured: Bruce Willis and John Moore in A Good Day to Die Hard)
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2013 was a good year to be bad. This year's best villains weren't just goons with guns -- although there were a few great examples of those. (Here's looking at you, Sean Penn.) We also hissed at slave-owners, inventors, seducers, producers, and a couple amazing women who left an impression without barely speaking a word -- plus another mom who couldn't stop talking and never said anything nice. With less than a month left in 2013, Voice film critics present these twenty memorably nasty characters who made us want to throw popcorn at the screen. --Amy Nicholson.
Published on December 6, 2013

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