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This Activist Writes Letters to Prisoners Locked Up for Life on Marijuana Charges

1 day ago by Madison Margolin
Deedee Kirkwood's main shtick these days is writing letters to "potlifers" — lifelong prison inmates who've been thrown behind bars on marijuana charges alone

How Art Is Helping Southern California Prisoners Reconnect With Their Humanity

2 months ago by Matt Stromberg
“That's when I realized I didn't need drugs. I just needed to wake up with a colored pencil or a paintbrush, and I was off and running.”

Rap Saved Tyson Crookmind After Half a Life Spent in Prison

2 months ago by Jeff Weiss
At 23, Tyson Crookmind faced the terrifyingly real prospect of dying behind bars. Now he's dedicating his life to hip-hop with a belated debut album, "Free the Real."

Cooking in Confinement: Inside the Kitchen at Chino Prison

4 months ago by Hayley Fox
What's it like in a kitchen tasked with feeding 3,400 people a day — for about a dollar per meal?

Rooney Mara Confronts a Predator From the Past in the Troubling Una

6 days ago by Bilge Ebiri
The labyrinthine nature of memory, trauma and guilt is made concrete in Benedict Andrews' Una, a film that intermittently sends its characters wandering around what looks like an actual maze. In the title role, Rooney Mara puts her perpetually haunted gaze to good use as a melancholy woman whiling away...

Fanatics! Avoid the New Bowie Box Set, A New Career in a New Town 1977-1982

12 days ago by Henry Rollins
You won't be hearing anything from the poorly mastered new Bowie box set on Rollins' show this week, but you will hear music from The Damned, Buzzcocks, Dinosaur Jr. and more.

Tommy Wiseau, a T-Shirt Cannon and Why Beyond Fest Rules

12 days ago by Gwynedd Stuart
Prior to Saturday night's West Coast premiere of his new starring vehicle Best F(r)iends (a buddy dramedy/heist movie, I guess you'd call it?), Tommy Wiseau joined screenwriter and collaborator Greg Sestero in front of a sold-out crowd at the Egyptian Theatre to briefly introduce the film. Wearing a vest, Terminator...

The Son of One of L.A.'s Most Famous Tattoo Artists Is Breathing New Life Into His Last Name

12 days ago by Josh Chesler
Although some tattoo artists may feel like they were born to be in the industry, Isaiah Negrete literally was. At the time of his birth, the Shamrock Social Club artist’s last name was already known throughout the tattoo community thanks to the legacy of his father, Freddy, and it didn’t...

L.A. Entrepreneur Says His Old Electric BMW Will Crush Tesla

14 days ago by Dennis Romero
Can a 1997 BMW converted to electric surpass the range of a new Tesla? An L.A. entrepreneur says it will.


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