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Restaurant Review: Tintorera Is a Bombshell That’s Not Ready for Its Close-Up

8 days ago by Karen Palmer
As one of my dining companions noted, "Guac and a cocktail do not a restaurant make."

How Desert Daze Became Southern California's Best Rock Festival

15 days ago by Eve Barlow
Two months before the psych-rock festival's return to the Institute of Mentalphysics, we got a sneak preview of what this year's festival has in store.

Mattel Uses Own 'Barbie Labs' to Test for Lead

8 years ago by Steven Mikulan
The Associated Press reports that El Segundo-headquartered Mattel Inc. has been granted an exemption from a federal law requiring that toy makers have their products tested for lead content at third-party laboratories. Instead, the makers of Barbie dolls and Hot Wheels will be allowed to test its products in-house at...

Netflix’s Fire Chasers Offers a Stunning Immersion Into the Ranks of the Firefighters Saving California

2 months ago by Alan Scherstuhl
Fire Chasers opens with visions of orange-and-black hell, of ash and apocalypse, of California homes and trees and horizons ablaze, of the sky itself now some jack-o’-lantern’s smile.

Mattel Working On Straight-To-Big-Screen-Franchise Toys

8 years ago by Dennis Romero
Looking to cut out that long wait between childhood phenomenon and big-screen blockbuster, El Segundo-based toymaker Mattel has begun developing toys that have Hollywood storylines and direct-to-film pedigree built in. New York Magazine's Vulture blog reports that Mattel has already built the drive train for one such toy line, which...

Wet Playa Concerns at Burning Man Evaporate

2 months ago by Dennis Romero
It was a record wet winter, but Burning Man organizers say the desert venue is dry and good to go.

Barbie Leaves Malibu to Search for New Dreamhouse (Or So Says Mattel)

4 years ago by Anya Cohen
See also: *Hispanic Barbie 'Can Be President,' Apparently *California Women Designers Behind Barbie, Bikinis and the '84 Olympics Without a change of scenery, life can get a little monotonous -- even for Barbie. After 41 years in her Malibu mansion, what Barbie is apparently craving even more than a new...

Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver Makes the Car Chase Soar Again

4 months ago by Bilge Ebiri
Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver is a remorselessly entertaining, impeccably assembled action-musical in which cars and people defy the laws of physics and common sense. They leap into gunfire and hop over hoods and careen down streets in perfect time to the beats of an unimpeachably cool soundtrack. It’s all absurd,...

The Day Hollywood Almost Said No to Making Thelma & Louise

4 months ago by Becky Aikman
“I don’t get it,” one executive had said to Ridley Scott. “It’s two bitches in a car.”

Girls-Only Ganja Getaway Celebrates "Radical Self-Love," Glamping Style

4 months ago by Hayley Fox
The legalization of cannabis has jumpstarted an exploding industry of weed-fueled activities, from yoga to painting, hiking and dance. The Ganja Goddess Getaway aims to further tap into this niche by catering to women in search of connection and creativity. The series of camp-esque retreats held in both Northern and Southern California includes catered meals, dancing, educational panels and tarot card readings. Oh, and a whole lot of weed.


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