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Los Altos United Methodist Church

Music Venues, Religion and Spirituality

BRICK’S PICKS: Alto Madness

8 years ago by Brick Wahl
We haven’t seen all the schedules for all the clubs yet — club owners and bookers need a break, too — but they’ll be out by the time you read this so you can call your favorite joint or poke around a few Web sites for info. But there are...

Rape Choreography Makes Films Safer, But Still Takes a Toll on Cast and Crew

3 months ago by April Wolfe
From Game of Thrones to The Handmaid's Tale, narratives of sexual assault have become particularly common in film and TV lately. But rarely do we think about the filmmakers, actors and crew who make on-screen rapes happen. How do they feel? Are they tired of rape scenes? Or could portraying rape could actually be a positive thing?

Who Killed the Skid Row Neighborhood Council?

4 months ago by Jason McGahan
Downtown L.A. is undergoing the largest construction boom in its history, at a time when the latest figures show the homeless population has skyrocketed 20 percent in a year. A proposed Skid Row Neighborhood Council aimed to give voice to these unsheltered masses. Then the idea got killed.

There Are Kitchen Scraps in Your Favorite Cocktails

4 months ago by Esther Tseng
Kitchens have so many fruit scraps. Why not use them in cocktails?

Tortoise Guitarist Jeff Parker Gets Back to His Jazz Roots Mondays in Highland Park

6 months ago by Scott Timberg
The pioneering post-rock guitarist, who relocated to L.A. from Chicago in 2013, flashes his jazz chops most Mondays at ETA.

The 20 Greatest Saxophonists of All Time

8 months ago by Gary Fukushima
It's considered by many to be music's sexiest instrument. Its versatile sound, so like a great singer's voice — sweetly seductive one moment, growling and blustery the next — has become virtually synonymous with the entire genre of jazz. Yet less than a century ago, the saxophone was considered a...

Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken Create a New Menu at the Huntington Library and Gardens

10 months ago by Chelsee Lowe
As much as there is to enjoy at the Huntington, one thing has long been missing: food of the same caliber as the collections.

Every Tool Song, Ranked

9 months ago by Art Tavana
An insanely deep dive into the prog-metal giants' insanely deep catalog, from the throwaways (sorry, purists) to the classics.

John Beasley's MONK'estra Reinvents Thelonious Monk for the 21st Century

1 year ago by Kirk Silsbee
Jazz pianist, composer, arranger and bandleader John Beasley began his career in the early 1980s, around the time jazz’s Young Men in Suits proclaimed that bebop was the one true way of life. They spoke solemnly about “keeping the flame,” “honoring the tradition” and other such homilies. Record companies, clubs and...


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