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A Concert That Turns the Inside of Disney Hall Into Video Art

3 years ago by Christian Hertzog
Plenty of great composers moved to the United States, but does anyone have a more striking story of immigration than the French-born Edgard Varese? Hailed by his elders — including Debussy and Strauss — as Europe’s greatest young composer, with most of his life’s work stuck behind enemy lines in...

Bill’s Gong Show

15 years ago by Alan Rich

Is Anybody Listening?

17 years ago by Deborah Vankin
The first time Lisa Ferguson broadcast live on Kill Radio, she froze. ”Are we on the air?“ she asked Greg Bishop, who had just wrapped his own show, Radio Mysterioso. ”Yes.“ ”Can I say anything I want?“ she pressed. ”Yes,“ he replied. ”You can say ’kill the president‘ if you...


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