World's Best Father Photo Series (and Calendar): Dad + Baby + Food

Dad, baby, turkey
Dad, baby, turkey

Considering how much of a very young person's waking hours are spent procuring the calories and nutrients necessary for rapid growth and development, it's not surprising that Engledow and his daughter/co-star, the diminutive, photogenic Alice Bee, spend so much time playing with edibles. There's Engledow forking over what appears to be about a half-pound of torched breakfast steak. There's Alice Bee wielding the electric carving knife over a roasted turkey and an ominously split pomegranate. There's Alice Bee again, perched on a toaster, helping out with breakfast.

Dad, baby, toast
Dad, baby, toast

The Kickstarter campaign was funded on the day it was announced, but interested parties can still grab a piece of the magic. According to Engledow's Facebook page, the 2013 calendars featuring photos of these absurd scenes and more will be shipping by late October.

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