White Rabbit Truck: Mobile Filipino Fusion Launches

The White Rabbit Truck

N. GalutenThe White Rabbit Truck

Yes, another food truck has arrived, and yes, they are serving fusion tacos. But the new White Rabbit Truck is not another Korean-Mexican Kogi impersonator. Instead they are, as far as we can tell, just the second Filipino food truck in Los Angeles, after the blogger-run Manila Machine. But while Manila Machine veers more in the direction of traditional Filipino cuisine, White Rabbit is a much more fusion endeavor, with menu items like tacos, burritos, lettuce cups and "Fili Cheesesteaks."

White Rabbit is the creation of chef James Du, who owns the truck along with two other partners, and is an idea that he has been cultivating for a long time. "I was on a BBQ truck, LA BBQ Guy. I managed the whole deal, but I always wanted to have something like this." Due to the general public's lack of extensive knowledge of Filipino food, the chef spent the last eight to nine months working on the food and trying it out on, by his own estimation, "over five hundred people."

Fusion tacos: (from bottom to top) Pork Sisig, Beefsteak, Chicken Adobo

N. GalutenFusion tacos: (from bottom to top) Pork Sisig, Beefsteak, Chicken Adobo

The truck, which has been in soft open mode since Thursday, will be based in the San Fernando Valley, which will be their primary area of operation. They will spread it around town though, with visits planned in Hollywood, Downtown, and once the permits come through, Orange County.

White Rabbit officially launches this Saturday, July 10th, at The Burgundy House in Hollywood. Interested parties can also, of course, follow them on Twitter.

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The soft-open menu at White Rabbit Truck

N. GalutenThe soft-open menu at White Rabbit Truck

For dessert: White Chocolate Champorado

N. GalutenFor dessert: White Chocolate Champorado