Where The Chefs Eat: Animal's Jon Shook

Jon Shook
Jon Shook
Anne Fishbein

Where the Chefs Eat is an ongoing series in which we ask a local chef to give us his or her favorite dining options. This week, Animal and Son of a Gun chef Jon Shook tells us his favorite spots to eat these days.

Like most of us, Jon Shook is looking for two things when he's eating out: good food and good value. With that in mind, he recommends the following:

Ruen Pair in Thai Town: "You gotta get #106. The salty turnip and egg. It will blow your brain out coz it's super cool."

Mario's Peruvian at Melrose and Vine: "I like their fried rice, and their basic fish dishes. Their ceviche. It's really good value."

The Honor Bar in Beverly Hills: "It's owned by the same people who operate Houston's, and it's right next to the Beverly Grill. But they just do a really good job. Good burgers, great chicken sandwich, all under $15."

Apple Pan: "Who doesn't like Apple Pan?"

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