Where the Chefs Eat: 10 Restaurant Picks From M.B. Post's David LeFevre

Chef David LeFevre
Chef David LeFevre
Dana Patrick

Where the Chefs Eat is an ongoing series in which we ask a local chef to give us his or her favorite dining options. This week we talk to David LeFevre, chef at Manhattan Beach Post.

Chef David LeFevre is passionate about eating, so much so that he offered up not one or two but 10 restaurant recommendations. Here, in no particular order, are the 10 places LeFevre likes to eat out.

10. Simmzy's

"This is my go-to local spot. It's the perfect beach spot for a great pub burger and a great draft beer."

9. Spice Table

"I always want that Kaya toast."

7. & 8. Providence and Melisse

"Where I go when I want a special fine dining experience with close friends."

6. Waterloo & City

"Great charcuterie, great food and a fun bar as well."

5. Terroni

"It's great stopping in for a midday shopping drink and some prosciutto, or late night to meet Donato [Poto, co-owner of Providence] for a foosball match."

4. Tan Cang Newport Seafood

"I like the pepper lobster -- but go with five others so you can get the salt-and-pepper squid!"

3. Huckleberry

"The breakfast is a mainstay for me and my crew after the farmers market on Wednesday. I personally like the poached eggs with tomato sauce and white beans."

2. Son of a Gun

"For the shrimp toast and to see an incredible beard!"

1. Sotto

"I love seeing Steve and Zach's [chefs and co-owners Samson and Pollack] passion in the kitchen and their dedication to the craft. They make a great team and everything is soulful and handcrafted. Even the bread with lardo is exceptional."

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