Web Surfing: A Roundup of Posts from L.A. Food Blogs and Newsletters

-- Just can't take any more of Bret Favre? (Okay, wishful thinking.) Where to go to Avoid The Superbowl. [Grub Street]

-- Food blogging from Taipei. [Potatomato]

-- A goat terrorizes a gentleman's club. (Your old goat joke here ______.) [Eater LA]

-- Brain to penis dining with Sinosoul ("yes, I ate a dick, hope all the detractors are happy now"). [Sinosoul]

-- More goat: Mattatouilles' Pantheon of Animals, #9. [Food GPS]

-- Loving Sunday Suppers at Marché. [My Last Bite]

-- Yo Quiero Taco Bell (video of the day). [Good Food]

-- Local high school students participate in a tuna tartare competition. [ZagatBuzz]

Surfing at Venice BeachEXPAND
Surfing at Venice Beach

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