Web Surfing: A Roundup of Posts from L.A. Food Blogs & Beyond

-- Want marital bliss? Take up wine-making. [The Wall Street Journal]

-- The Patriots give out free candy, or How to Ruin Halloween. ("Absent the helmet, my kid's Viking costume now resembles wardrobe from Riverdance. And that may be the greatest indignity of all.") [The Awl]

-- Get-out-the-vote local restaurant deals. [Daily Dish]

-- The Gourmet Cookie Book, or Last Bites of Gourmet. [Atlantic Food Channel]

-- Win a weekend of cookies, maybe, at the Holiday Baking Weekend Giveaway. [Pioneer Woman]

-- "A little bit of Graceland right in South Pasadena." [Eating L.A.]

-- Taco In A Bun At Rick's Drive-In. [Pleasure Palate]

-- Now that Halloween's over, 13 ways of looking at a pumpkin. [Feast]

surfing at Venice Beach
surfing at Venice Beach

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