Web Surfing: A Roundup of Posts from L.A. Food Blogs & Beyond

-- The reason why fat servers get better tips. [Slashfood]

-- Pat Saperstein checks out Eagle Rock's new Four Cafe. [Eating L.A.]

-- Martha Stewart hangs with Sarah Palin. No word on who shot what for dinner. [The Martha Blog]

-- A recipe for cowboy beans + a new book deal. [MattBites]

-- Hot Dogs: The Competitive Eating Musical. Yes, you read that correctly. [Eater National via Eater LA]

-- Suggestions for how to brown-bag your next airplane meal. [ZesterDaily]

-- Party trick alert: How to make chocolate cups with balloons. [Bakerella]

-- Midtown Lunch considers Bunny Chow. [Midtown Lunch]

-- Linda Burum and KPCC's John Rabe eat goat + Burum's list of where to get your own goat. [Eat: Los Angeles]

Surfing at Venice Beach
Surfing at Venice Beach

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