Web Surfing: A Roundup of Posts from L.A. Food Blogs & Beyond

-- Michael Ruhlman has something to say. [White on Rice Couple]

-- The Tap Room, The Royce and the Best Bar Snack Ever. [Chow Balla]

-- Consider the dumpling. Of course we will. [The Guardian]

-- Restaurants' Best Press: 'Bill Clinton Ate Here.' [The New York Times]

-- Top 10 Unique Food-Themed Halloween Costumes. [OC Weekly]

-- Adam's Scary Apples (or, Matt Armendariz on Halloween apples, plus a recipe). [One For The Table]

-- Buffalo found in a Georgia swimming pool. Well, it is food news, depending on how you consider the buffalo. [Huffington Post]

-- More fun at the California Cactus Center. [Naked Sushi]

-- Hemingway's, or For Whom The Bar Tolls. [Brand X]

surfing at Venice Beach
surfing at Venice Beach

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