Web Surfing: A Roundup of Posts from LA Food Blogs

-- Exile Kiss ventures into Tibet Nepal House [Exile Kiss]

-- Bandini's breakdown of the Flying Pig Truck [Daily Taco]

-- MattBites defends food stylists, "motor oil" [MattBites]

-- A look at Ben Baily's Petrossian [Two Hungry Pandas}

-- The chopsticks wander through Little Saigon [Wandering Chopsticks]

-- Tony Chen eats what Jazz eats [SinoSoul]

-- A good look at the Silverlake Spice Station [Eat Drink and Be Merry]

-- More on this summer's upcoming Mix 'n Munch in South Pasadena [Eating LA]

-- Javier Cabral goes Oaxacan at Guelaguetza [Teenage Gluster]

-- Top 5 Tastes from 2010 Star Chefs [FoodGPS]

Surfing at Venice Beach
Surfing at Venice Beach

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