Web Surfing: A Roundup of Posts from LA Food Blogs

-- Food GPS goes for goat at Bulrocho [Food GPS]

-- Pat Saperstein takes a tour of Latin American desserts [Eating LA]

-- Zach Brooks tries Ciudad's lunch special [Midtown Lunch LA]

-- Bill Esparza finds the real food of Baja in Sun Valley [Street Gourmet LA]

-- ExileKiss dips into the sakes at Bar Hayama [Exile Kiss]

-- FoodSheThought breaks down the Spring menu at Da Vinci [Food, She Thought]

-- TastingTableLA shows you what's so good about head cheese [Tasting Table LA]

-- Caroline on Crack explains the 5 things she learned on her booze fast [Caroline On Crack]

-- Potatomato looks at the Grill 'em All Food Truck [Potatomato]

Surfing at Venice Beach
Surfing at Venice Beach

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