Web Surfing: A Roundup of Posts from LA Food Blogs

-- Pat Saperstein checks out 5 month-old Cham Korean Bistro in Pasadena. [Eating L.A.]

-- Mattatouille's Top 10 Favorite Food Books of All Time. [Mattatouille]

-- Good Food considers the aerodynamic pumpkins of Punkin Chunkin, a 23 year-old Delaware pumpkin-throwing contest. [Good Food]

-- Making Bun Rieu Cua Tom Oc (Vietnamese rice vermicelli soup) at home with Wandering Chopsticks. [Wandering Chopsticks]

-- Teenage Glutster enjoys a few last illegal hurrahs before he turns 21. [Teenage Glutster]

-- Audrey Saunders' palm frond cocktail, from the newly-opened Tar Pit. [Good Bite]

-- Kung Food Panda's Top 5 restaurants of 2009. [Kung Food Panda]

-- Restaurant owners weigh in on the end of outdoor smoking. [Grub Street]

Surfing at Venice BeachEXPAND
Surfing at Venice Beach

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