surfing at Venice beach
surfing at Venice beach

Web Surfing: A Roundup of Posts from LA Food Blogs

-- Where local chefs eat, like in real life. [EAT: Los Angeles]

-- Cookbook gifts for cooks (David Chang's Momofuku, etc.). [Daily Dish]

-- Vote for the sexiest chef in Los Angeles. (Okay, Govind Armstrong. But actually being in LA is sexy too.) [Eater LA]

-- Making mole with Ludo Lefebvre. Or, Mexican food for Frenchmen. [Teenage Glutster]

-- White Castle gets into the snuggie business. [Grub Street]

-- Japanese cooking robots. [Good Food]

-- Beer apps for your iPhone, or yet another reason not to use a cell phone while driving. [Food GPS]

-- 25 cookbooks from LA chefs: more foodie gift ideas. [The Delicious Life]

surfing at Venice beachEXPAND
surfing at Venice beach


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