Web Surfing: A Roundup of News from L.A. Food Blogs & Beyond

-- Michael Voltaggio to open Ink next year. [Daily Dish]

-- Jose Andres blasts Congress over pending school lunch bill. [Chicago Tribune]

-- Just one dish: District's spam sliders. [Eating L.A.]

-- Divided We Eat, on class and food in America. [Newsweek]

-- T minus 3: A laid-back guide to Thanksgiving. [Eatocracy]

-- The Food Network cancels Ace of Cakes. [ABC News]

-- Cookbook Reviews: Some Favorites. [Matt Bites]

-- How to make Thanksgiving gravy. [Michael Ruhlman]

-- Is competitive eating the new lacrosse? Probably not. [ESPN]

-- What to serve on the side for Thanksgiving. [Food 52]

surfing at Venice Beach
surfing at Venice Beach
vebnice.jpg Flickr/jondoeforty1

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