Web Surfing: A Roundup of News from L.A. Food Blogs & Beyond

-- What to do if there's a fly in your soup? [Bon Appetit]

-- Indo Kitchen: Eat, Pray, Meh. [Eating L.A.]

-- The mysterious case of the Ikea Tabasco thieves. [Stick A Fork In It]

-- The Hottest Restaurant in Paris. [David Lebovitz]

-- "We're all out of cookies. Sorry." And other lies parents come up with. [Eatocracy]

-- TLC sends "Cake Boss" Buddy Valastro and his crew to search for America's next top cake designer. [Feast]

-- Food bank mistakenly gives out "Superfood" dog food. [UPI]

-- 11 no-bake dessert recipes from the L.A. Times Test Kitchen. [Daily Dish]

-- The Government's Latest Food Marketing Sting. [The Atlantic Food Channel]

Surfing at Venice Beach
Surfing at Venice Beach

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