Web Surfing: A Roundup of News from L.A. Food Blogs & Beyond

-- A recipe for salted butter chocolate chip cookies. [David Lebovitz]

-- Live lobster, crab, giant shrimp, geoduck, fish, and more at Sea Harbour in San Gabriel Valley. [Exile Kiss]

-- Dose of Vitamin P: Bludso's Pork Ribs. [Food GPS]

-- John Sedlar's new menu(s) at Rivera. [Gourmet Pigs]

-- Revised pickling ratio. Turns out you don't even need vinegar. [Michael Ruhlman]

-- Bill Esparza goes deep into Hidalgo. [Street Gourmet LA]

-- Kid-date/man-date at Wurstküche. [Taster Tots LA]

-- Columbian food at Chibcha in Silverlake. [Teenage Gluster]

-- Knitted hamburger, ice cream, and sushi. [Toque Magazine]

Surfing at Venice Beach
Surfing at Venice Beach

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