Waiting for Hollywood's Papaya King

Waiting for Hollywood's Papaya King

It may feel like New York in Los Angeles today, but for hot dog and tropical fruit juice fans, it sadly doesn't taste like it. Not quite yet. The opening of the first West Coast branch of New York hot dog institution Papaya King, which had reportedly been slated for today, has been pushed back until next week at the earliest.

A replica of the original Papaya King sign at Laguardia
A replica of the original Papaya King sign at Laguardia
Flickr/joseph a

A hungry, hopeful visit today yielded only disappointment as a two man crew worked on the signature Papaya King sign outside the still shuttered storefront. Inside, the soda machine and fryers had been installed, but just as the emperor has no clothes, this King has no furniture, no register, and as of yet no papaya juice or hot dogs, let alone curly fries with cheese.

When approached, the contractors on hand laughed at the notion that the King would begin his L.A. reign today. "It'll be another week or two," one said. The big bosses aren't expected to arrive until Monday, the 23rd.

Over on Twitter (@papayakingla), the King had a hopeful message for his new colony, delivered late last night:

The royal subjects are restless, but fear not - The King should be announcing the official #Hollywood opening date by end of the week.

The temporary Papaya King truck, which had been serving dogs and juice in advance of the brick and mortar opening stopped serving on Sunday, so for the time being, we are a city with no monarch.

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