Victoria's Kitchen: London Should Win Gold in the Cupcake Olympics

Sweet literary snacks

Victoria's KitchenSweet literary snacks

We think it's fair to say that, although we clearly are better at Olympic sports (OK, we'll give them dressage), the Brits are a tad more sophisticated than us Yanks. Case in point: Our "fancy" cupcakes might feature Oscar the Grouch or perhaps a pretty rose or cute doggie. British fancy cupcakes sport such items as perfect replicas of literary classics. These are from Victoria's Kitchen in London, a home-based boutique bakery specializing in "beautiful bespoke" cupcakes, cakes and cookies. This particular batch is for a woman celebrating her 60th birthday, and features some of the books that have shaped her life, including soccer star Christiano Ronaldo's autobiography and Chicken Licken.

Turn the page for more lovely samples. Please Victoria, can you toss some across the Pond? Please? We're really sorry about George Washington!

Daisy and polka dot cupcakes

Victoria's KitchenDaisy and polka dot cupcakes

Ivory Vintage Wedding cupcakes

Victoria's KitchenIvory Vintage Wedding cupcakes

Rock 'n' Roll cupcakes -- "for brides with attitude"

Victoria's KitchenRock 'n' Roll cupcakes -- "for brides with attitude"

Beach cupcakes with delicious sand

Victoria's KitchenBeach cupcakes with delicious sand

Vanilla bean cupcakes with gold leaf accents

Victoria's KitchenVanilla bean cupcakes with gold leaf accents

Vintage Cameo cupcakes

Victoria's KitchenVintage Cameo cupcakes

Tiffany cupcakes

Victoria's KitchenTiffany cupcakes

We may have won the Revolution. But we have been creamed by the Redcoats in the Cupcake War.

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