this is not a lion taco
this is not a lion taco
Anne Fishbein

Update: Tucson Taqueria Will NOT Serve Lion Tacos

Update: After receiving "many threats," restaurant owner Mazon has decided to take lion tacos off the menu, reports Fox. He had planned to serve them on February 16, as part of an exotic game night.

The original post, published January 21:

You might think Los Angeles has every kind of taco, but you'll have to go to Arizona get lion tacos.

Boca Tacos y Tequila, a Tucson Tex-Mex joint known for serving exotic meats like alligator, python and turtle, says it plans to offer lion tacos (at only $8.75 a piece), provided diners express enough interest. So far, diners seem more interested in telling owner Brian Mazon to drop dead, reports ABC News.

Mazon keeps playing it straight, but we're pretty sure he's just an obnoxious idiot pulling an obnoxious, idiotic publicity stunt. Still, there's always a chance he'll go through with it.

Mazon says he's purchasing the meat from a California farm, and legally he can do it. Since African lions are not an endangered species, they can be raised on farms and sold for meat.

In fact, at Exotic Meat Market in Perris, Calif., you can get a shoulder or loin of lion for $299 or three lion burgers for $59.99.

Thanks, but we'll stick to brats at the Red Lion and lion's head meatballs (lion in name only; they're made of pork) -- at Mama's Lu.


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