Tweet-a-dish with Neal Fraser: Chefs Who Tweet and Cook, Like Simultaneously

Chef Neal Fraser, of Grace and BLD, has gotten very tech-y lately, sending a ton of twitpix on Twitter. Now check out his new project, which must require not only a sous chef or two but maybe a few tech-savvy teenagers as well. (Culinary schools should issue iPhones as well as knife kits these days; maybe there's a school store app for all that pricey equipment.) In preparation for dineLA Restaurant Week(s), Fraser will be preparing a dish live online this Thursday, Sept. 24, afternoon at 2 p.m. (Yeah, put that in your phone now.) Twitter users get to pick the main ingredient, so between now and Wednesday, you can tweet suggestions using the hashtag #dinelaneal. The chosen ingredient will be announced via Twitter on Wednesday at 2 p.m. and you can watch the demo live at the same time using this link. Got a question for the chef? Fraser will answer them via chat and Twitter (use the same hashtag). Oh, and if you'd like to experience the food in real life, the dish will be on the menu at Grace during dineLA week.

Here's Fraser sans tech support, taken at the press conference this past January at the last dineLA Restaurant Week. He's the guy in the red ball cap. Okay, so can you ID the rest of the chefs in the picture? Tweet @LAWeeklyFood.

Chefs who tweet and cook
Chefs who tweet and cook
Screen shot of dineLA's Twitter page: Amy Scattergood


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