Trucker update: Nom Nom Truck coming soon with Viet street food

Want a restaurant? Get a truck. Brick-and-mortar is so last year. (Last November, to be specific, when Kogi BBQ hit the streets and your Twitter account.) In early August, Nom Nom Truck will join the growing fleet of LA food trucks, when it rolls out with Vietnamese faves like banh mi (baguette sandwiches) and spring rolls. And, of course, Viet tacos.

Nom Nom Truck is owned and operated by 3 UCLA grads, David Stankunas, Marisa Chien and Jennifer Green, who have plans to park on the Westside, near their old haunts. Stankunas, a former business major who is half-Vietnamese, says he always wanted to open his own restaurant, but was worred about how much capital it required.

Then Kogi came to town ("Wait, you just need a truck?") and Stankunas quickly changed his business model. As for the name, "it's Internet speak for going wild on some delicious food." The website's up, the menu is being worked out (grilled pork banh mi, lemongrass chicken tacos) and the truck will be ready to roll by the time students repopulate Westwood. Yum yum. Or whatever.


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