Top Chef Season 6 Finale: And The Winner Is...

So the finale of Top Chef's sixth season came down to a showdown between the Voltaggio brothers. Surprise! If you didn't see that coming, you need to read up on basic story-telling. And (spoiler alert!) despite some last minute histrionics, the underdog won. Face it, it's more interesting to have the petulant younger brother win the $125,000 and the title. When Padma asked each of the three finalists why they should be Top Chef, Michael Voltaggio actually said, "because I don't want Bryan to win." Sure he comes off as a brat, but at least he's honest. Which was a welcome bit of clarity in the midst of all the touching nonsense about being true to yourself.

In fact, the last episode played out almost like a Chekhov play: sibling rivalry, sudden appearance of mother, flashbacks to childhood, jealousy and building tension, possibly incompetent underlings, the weapons introduced in the first act reappearing, well, in every scene with a chef's knife.

So now what? Does the victor continue cooking here in Pasadena, in the subterranean, old-fashioned and rather atavistic kitchens of The Langham? Readers should text their answers to the hotel's owners.

Michael and Bryan Voltaggio at the Top Chef finale
Michael and Bryan Voltaggio at the Top Chef finale

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