Top 5 Things for Your All-Purpose Coffee Kit: Stay Caffeinated During the Next Windapolypse

Fresh whole bean coffee beans

T. NguyenFresh whole bean coffee beans

If we learned anything from last week's Windpocalypse, it is that you really ought to have some sort of survival kit ready. And, if you were one of the unlucky thousands to wake up with no power, and thus no coffee, you may also have realized that an all-purpose Coffee Survival Kit within your more general Survival Kit might not be such a bad idea.

And so, we came up with five things you would want in this little kit. A few caveats: Keeping these coffee tools in their own separate compartment not only will make it easy to access and carry, but also easy to jettison if, say, the zombies unexpectedly arrive en masse and you abruptly need to shed weight. Also, we didn't include the water for your coffee on this list, because, really, if you don't have access to water and a heat source, either in your primary disaster kit or elsewhere, then brewing a cup of coffee probably is (or should be) the least of your problems.

Finally, this is a portable set for the broadest of situations. Take it with you when camping, traveling, or even to the office. It also makes for a nice holiday gift set for caffeine-starved friends.

Lightweight scale for measuring out your coffee

T. NguyenLightweight scale for measuring out your coffee

5. Scale or other measuring implement. When provisions are scarce, every little bit counts. A scale is the most accurate way of measuring out your coffee beans, and it's relatively cheap and light. Alternatively, a coffee scoop or tablespoon works as well. The proper coffee-to-water ratio will depend on your brewing method; see this handy step-by-step brewing guide for details.

Hario's hand grinders

doubleshot_cz/FlickrHario's hand grinders

1. Thermos or other non-shattering mug. Assuming that the coffee mug situation en route or at your final destination is uncertain at best, you will need a drinking vessel. A Thermos or other insulated tumbler is ideal, as it will keep your coffee hot and covered as you run from the Cylons. Just remember to pack something as indestructible as possible -- broken, jagged jigsaw pieces of nice ceramic demitasse cups probably won't have a whole lot of capital in the post-apocalyptic barter economy.