Top 5 Sandra Lee Videos: A Look into the Governor's Mansion, Maybe

Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Cooking
Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Cooking

Who else could have moved in with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo but Sandra Lee? Whatever you thought of the food on her show Semi-Homemade Cooking, where she combined 30% fresh ingredients with 70% premade products, with her megawatt smile she looked the stuff of red carpet and governor's ball dreams.

But for all her poise on her television show, it was always a mystery what life might be like in the governor's mansion until this Youtube video hit, a breast-grabbing, expletive-filled television blooper reel. Hinting at the semi-homemade host we never knew, we've found the Top 5 Sandra Lee videos. Warning: alcohol, profanity and tablescapes ensue.

5. Sandra Lee Outtakes Reel. Lee appears to be filming some type of liquor commercial here when she just can't finish her script. Curse words and a breast-grab shimmy follow. What's particularly amazing is her ability to immediately recover back into full-blown smile, exhibiting Michael Jordan-esque focus and determination. No worries about her losing her cool during a state dinner.

4. Italian Topiary Tablescape. The concept behind Semi-Homemade is that those with busy lives just don't have the time and money to cook with all fresh ingredients. In a memorable moment in the Number 1 video on this list, Lee bemoans the fact that a local grocer didn't have prewashed, precut mushrooms, forcing her to do all the work herself. Skip forward a minute in this video, however, and see just what she has the time and money for. Now imagine what happens when she steps it up a notch at the Governor's Mansion. Eat your heart out, Martha Stewart.

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