Top 5 Pop Culture Snacks at Comic-Con 2012

Tentacle Grape Soda

Joe PeelerTentacle Grape Soda

Because it's like Wimbledon for weird shit, because man cannot subsist on breakfast burritos alone, because there's three months allowance burning holes in pockets, and because shuffling laps around the San Diego convention center in an homemade Iron Man suit will work up a mighty appetite (even if it is made out of leftover paper towel rolls), San Diego Comic-Con showcased a new batch of nerd snacks to feed the light-sabered masses this past weekend. Here are our Top 5 Pop Culture Snacks from SDCC 2012.

True Blood Cookbook

Emma CourtlandTrue Blood Cookbook

5. True Blood: Eats, Drinks, and Bites from Bon Temps:

Available now for pre-order, the official True Blood cookbook includes 85 recipes inspired by the show. Learn to fix up summuh Gran's fried chicken, Terry's chili and Arlene's bloody marys. There's no recipe for Sookie's Cookies though, which seems like a missed opportunity. Wouldn't True Blood parties be better if fans had an occasion to yell "Cookeh is mahn!"?

Stay Puft Marshmallows

Emma CourtlandStay Puft Marshmallows

4. Stay Puft Marshmallows:

Should one eat licensed movie collectables? If every box purchased brings us closer to Ghostbusters III -- even in a roundabout way -- one should. Each 5 ounce box of Stay Puft Marshmallows contains about 45 caffeinated mini-marshmallows. CAFFEINATED. MARSHMALLOWS.

D & D lollipop

Emma CourtlandD & D lollipop

3. D & D roller, sucker:

This D20 lollipop -- icosahedron, in l33t -- is critical hit at any RPG gathering. A full 2 inches of cherry-flavored dungeon sucker for +1 Nerd Envy. [Disclaimer: D&D spells do not extend to the real world, will not make you popular.]

Soylent Green Crackers

Joe PeelerSoylent Green Crackers

2. Soylent Green Crackers:

These green wafers may look like something you'd feed to an animal, but rest assured, Soylent Green Crackers are people food. So, feel free to serve them at your next party. Your guests will think you quite tasteful! After all, you are what you eat. [May or may not contain actual people.]

Tentacle Grape Soda

Emma CourtlandTentacle Grape Soda

1. Tentacle Grape Soda:

The meteoric rise of Tentacle Grape Soda is a credit to its name. A clever pun on an anime favorite, this purple pop offers a sweet bubbly wink to none other than the hentai subgenre that is tentacle rape. In the few years since its forced inception, Tentacle Grape has so revitalized the beastiality beverage market that distributor Mnemosyne declared it to be the official soda of the Internet.

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