Top 5 Food-Inspired Jewelry That You Actually Want To Wear In Public

An Ivory Palm Tagua Seed Bracelet And Antique Fork Bracelet

jgarbeeAn Ivory Palm Tagua Seed Bracelet And Antique Fork Bracelet

The very idea of "food jewelry" spurns visions of polymer clay buttered toast necklaces and dollhouse-sized Kitchen Aid charm bracelets. Cute, but not exactly what most of us actually want to be seen wearing in public.

To find food-inspired jewelry that is actually worthy of Monday morning meeting appearances, it helps to stay away from the plastic bento box bracelets and go all out sterling and gold. But even with higher-priced metals, the trick is finding those truly great pasta designs (the silver bow-tie pasta necklace we found is now on our holiday wish-list). Here's a photo tour of our Top 5 Food-Inspired Jewelry That You Actually Want To Wear In Public.

Sterling Silver Cherry Necklace

Isueszabo/Etsy.comSterling Silver Cherry Necklace

5. Sterling and Resin "Cherries Jubilee" Necklace: Where cherry pie, Andy Warhol and fashion unite in necklace form, as envisioned by Isueszabo on Etsy.

Orange Pendant Necklace

RealFruitJewelry/Etsy.comOrange Pendant Necklace

4. Pressed Fruit Pendant Necklace: Those dried sliced tomato earrings from Real Fruit Jewelry are a bit too "real fruit" for us. But the pressed fruit pendants in polished resin, like the orange necklace above, are fun, but still wearable, conversations starters.

Local Food Designs

UnderOakStudios/Etsy.comLocal Food Designs

3. Sterling Silver "Food" Necklace: We're nominating this necklace from L.A.-based designer (and actress) Etta Devine, who goes by UnderOakStudios on Etsy, because we love the design. But also because it doesn't -- thankfully -- say "Foodie".

Silver Coffee Cup Necklace

SilverLotusDesigns/Etsy.comSilver Coffee Cup Necklace

2. Silver Coffee Cup Necklace: Who knew a coffee mug could look so elegant at 6:00 in the morning? We love this one is from Silver Lotus Designs.

Pasta Jewelry From Lucy Folk

trendland.netPasta Jewelry From Lucy Folk

1. Lucy Folk Designs: Australian designer Lucy Folk manages to make pretzels, pasta and even tortilla chip designs come across as exceedingly elegant gold and silver designs. But with just enough of that grunge -- or perhaps comfort food is a better term -- factor. We love her new "Tacqueria" line, too.