Top 5 Father's Day Gifts for Foodists

Top 5 Father's Day Gifts for Foodists

5. Sugarfina Cocktail Hour Bento Box

Candy that could get you carded, the Cocktail Hour Bento Box includes eight petite cubes (3.25 oz. each) of booze-inspired candies: Champagne gummy bears, Champagne bubbles (gumdrops, basically), martini olive almonds, single malt Scotch cordials, cuba libre rum & Coke gummies, absinthe cordials, pale ale pints and Belgian ale pints. (Yes, the latter taste like sweet gummy beer.) "As featured by Star Magazine and The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda," the website says. Kathy Lee and Hoda? Well then by all means. $50.

Top 5 Father's Day Gifts for Foodists

4. Craftsman Grill Tool Set

These are uber-manly barbecue tools. Solid stainless seal, not soldered, so they won't rust and fall apart. The tool handles mimic screwdriver handles so you won't drop your burger. Plus they have twee wrench-shaped cut-outs on the turner, fork and tongs that the hipster foodie dad will love. $24.99.

Top 5 Father's Day Gifts for Foodists
Uncommon Goods

3. Flavors of America Salt Collection

This comprehensive collection of 11 gourmet salts includes salts that have been smoked with American hardwoods, infused with citrus and flavored with balsamic vinegar, as well as several natural salts with distinctive qualities, such as Utah "sweet salt" and flake salt from New York. The salts come in test-tube like glass storage vials held in a handmade base of reclaimed American cedar. It comes with a guide to the salts and suggestions for use. "And once your salt runs out, add some flavor to your home decor by using the test tubes as a delightful bud vase," the Uncommon Goods website says, which makes it a perfect gift for dads on the fey side. $60.


Top 5 Father's Day Gifts for Foodists

2. Godiva Dad Loves Truffles Gift Set

Sometimes a cigar is just premium chocolate. Godiva has jumped on the Father's Day bandwagon with plenty of sugary options, including a gift set of 18 of their "signature" truffles and four milk chocolate cigars, garnished with a ribbon that looks like a necktie that Dad can happily throw away. Father-friendly truffle flavors include hazelnut praline, double chocolate raspberry, extra dark chocolate, coconut, French vanilla, cappuccino and more. $50.

Top 5 Father's Day Gifts for Foodists

1. Bacon-of-the-Month Club

Surely there is not a man alive (and maybe dead, for that matter) who would object to a gift of bacon. The Bacon of the Month Club from a company called Bacon Freak delivers two pounds of different kinds of bacon to your door once a month (three months for $145.95, six months for $269.95, 12 months for $475.95). Flavors (all "rubbed by hand, not machine") include Cajun, apple cinnamon, jalapeno, honey BBQ, maple, brown sugar, vanilla Bourbon, sun-dried tomato, pepper and hickory smoked. The company also claims that its bacon "doesn't shrink and splatter when you cook it. Therefore you can fry in the nude if that's your thing. We don't judge you here at Bacon Freak."

They do try to upsell you, however: "Add a bacon jerky sampler pack for $28.95," "Add a bacon pancake pack for $19.95," "Add bacon-flavored toothpicks for $8." Bacon toothpicks? We guess it just depends on how much you love your dad.

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