Top 4 DIY Super Bowl Snacks

Korean BBQ
Korean BBQ

4. Korean Grocery:

We don't know if this is actually all that unusual, but we're doing it if we get slammed for time. Go to Assi Supermarket in Koreatown and buy a few pounds of marinated short ribs. Get some banchan as well. Head over to your friend's house for the party. Drop the bags by the grill, crack a Hite, and take a seat pre-game to hear whatever silly thing Joe Buck is about to say.

About 17 layers shy.
About 17 layers shy.

3. 24-Layer Dip:

Seven layers are fine, but why are they the standard? Grab a heatproof vase (they must exist) and start layering. Perhaps begin with the usual refried beans, guacamole, onions and so forth, and then veer east with tzatziki, gyro meat, and taramasalata. And why not chili, gumbo or bolognese? By the time your guests hit glass with their tortilla chips or pita, they'll have traveled the world and sustained a vicious stomachache no amount of NFL-strength painkillers can alleviate.

Normal-sized pigs
Normal-sized pigs

2. Giant Pigs in a Blanket:

Football is big, and the Super Bowl is the biggest. So forget cocktail franks in biscuit dough. Drop a few foot-longs into a pan of cornbread, bake and start slicing. Or follow this recipe.


1. Crabs:

This Super Bowl is blessed by the appearance of two great citadels of crab (though only one will technically be in the midst of a "season"). In one corner, Maryland's blue sits, the stuff of messy Old Bay-scented Chesapeake feasts. In the other, the California dungeness, the more manageable butter-and-lemon-drenched "date crab" you find tourists slurping on Fisherman's Wharf. Boil them both and let the mallets and crackers sort out the rest.

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