Top 10: Readers' Picks of Late Night Dining Restaurants

Opinionated diners agree, Top 10 lists are highly subjective. For a city as large as Los Angeles, it's no wonder we missed a few great late night dining spots (see our recent Top 10 Late-Night Grub For Nocturnal Foodies). Which is why, dear readers, we decided to put together another kind of Top 10 list: one for the people, by the people, based on reader comments.

In no particular order, we offer you the Top Ten Late Night Joints in Los Angeles our readers felt we should have mentioned.

The Restaurants We Missed
The Restaurants We Missed
Brooke Burton

1. Tommy's Burgers: Ever since opening its original shack on Beverly and Rampart in 1946, Tommy's has collected a dedicated following. Some of our Squid Ink readers consider the original Tommy's to be a late night landmark (thanks Jackson Montgomery and "MoDigs"). This 24-hour hamburger shack is beloved for its chili-topped burgers and fries, stand up counters, and all night service. Choose your location.

2. Al Be Ne: No matter what time of day, this 24-hour restaurant has plenty of Korean comfort food to choose from. Located in a tiny strip mall with a sign that reads "Albea's Restaurant," this any time eatery offers spicy soups like yuk gae jang, warm noodles (Squid Ink reader Tony Chen of SinoSoul recommends a $7 bowl of jjam pong noodle soup), and boiled dumplings. 3470 W 6th St. #6; (213) 388-1105.

3. Ruen Pair: Located in the heart of Thai Town, this underground favorite is popular for its traditional fare and 4 a.m. closing time. Diners swear by the chicken larb, papaya salad and The morning glory. Mon-Sun. 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 a.m. Valet parking only. 5257 Hollywood Blvd.; (323) 466-0153.

4. BCD Tofu: Located on the corner of Wilshire and Kingsley, this 24-hour Korea Town restaurant serves inexpensive and fresh, tofu-driven combo meals. Fill up with fresh vegetable bibimbab, or the Soon Tofu plate and all its accompanying sides. 3575 Wilshire Blvd.; (323) 382-6677.

5. Kitchen 24: Billed as a traditional diner, Kitchen 24 serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner 24-hours a day (except Monday, for two hours of maintenance). No Reservations Accepted. First come, first served. 1608 N Cahuenga Blvd.; (323) 465-2424.

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