Top 10 Men With Salad Names

Recently, we brought you Top 10 Men With Meat Names, culled from an online collection of men who share their names with different kinds of animal flesh. It got us thinking, though -- what about all those gentlemen with vegetables for last names? Where was that amusing website designed exclusively for them? Turns out there isn't one, so we decided to come up with a list on our own. Some who didn't make the cut include Indian American composer and musician Karsh Kale, erstwhile Bud Light mascot Spuds MacKenzie, Colonel Mustard, and a minor Biblical figure in the book of Genesis known as Mash. Read on for our own, custom-designed list of Top 10 Men With Salad Names, and don't forget to comment with some suggestions of your own. Now, eat your greens.

10. Basil Rathbone, actor

Sir Basil Rathbone (1892-1967) was born in South Africa, became a famous actor in England, and died in New York City. Global varieties of basil include Baja, Genovese, New Guinea, Thai, and African Blue Basil, as well as Aussie Sweet Basil.

Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes
Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes
Courtesy of the New York Public Library Digital Collection

9. Albert R. Broccoli, film producer

Also known as "Cubby," Albert R. Broccoli (1909-1996) was the producer of the James Bond films. His children are honoring his legacy by continuing with the 007 franchise. Do you think they go by "Broccolini"?

Albert Broccoli
Albert Broccoli

8. Eric Bibb, musician

This American acoustic blues singer-songwriter lives in London, where the bibb variety of butterhead lettuce is more popular than in the United States.

Eric Bibb in concert
Eric Bibb in concert
Michel Verlinden

7. William Romaine, evangelical priest

William Romaine (1714 - 1795) went to Oxford University, and was both a preacher and an astronomy professor. As a lettuce, Romaine is commonly used in Caesar salads.

Portrait of William Romaine by Francis Cotes (1758)
Portrait of William Romaine by Francis Cotes (1758)

6. Cabbage Head, character in Kids in the Hall

Cabbage Head was a character played by Bruce McCulloch in the TV series Kids in the Hall. He had leaves instead of hair and smoked cigars. In 1877, New York Times reported that some companies used cabbage leaves in their cigars to avoid paying tobacco taxes.

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