Top 10: Late-Night Grub for Nocturnal Foodies

If midnight is the witching hour, then 1 AM is the incredibly-hungry-after-a-long-night-of-work-and/or-partying hour. Since we at Squid Ink believe that ignoring an empty stomach is a sin, no matter what the time of day, we offer you this list of Top 10 late-night eating spots in Los Angeles. Are they in any particular order? They are not. Late-night eating is seriously subjective, governed by illogic and hunger and gin, not Letterman-style countdowns. Happy eating, nocto-gourmets.

Late Night Dining at El Chato
Late Night Dining at El Chato
Brooke Burton

1. El Chato Taco Truck; On the busy corner of Olympic and La Brea, El Chato has been serving bite-sized, one-dollar tacos, quesadillas, and burittos to famished cross-town drivers and taco aficionados way before Kogi was even a concept. Be sure to try the el pastor, carne asada, and lingua tacos. Parks on the corner of La Brea and Olympic .

2. Pacific Dining Car: A steakhouse that's open for twenty-four hours a day? That may seem like crazy talk to early risers. But for overnight hospital staff and the twilight crowd noshing on steak and eggs, brioche French toast, and a juicy rib eye in the renovated dining car—it's just what the doctor ordered. Literally. 1310 West 6th St., Los Angeles; (213) 483-6000 and 2700 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica; (310) 453-4000.

3. Animal: Want to spot your favorite chef and food celebrities shamelessly gorge themselves on pork products after a long day of service? Swing by Animal after 1 a.m. on any Saturday night and you'll be sure to witness starved restaurant pros gobbling from plates of poutine (fries drowned in oxtail gravy and cheese), basalmic glazed pork ribs, and melted petit basque with chorizo. Numerous bottles of beer and tres leches cakes will be consumed. Don't expect good manners. Open until 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday and 11 pm Sunday through Thursday.435 N Fairfax Ave.; (323) 782-9225.

4. Damiano's Mr. Pizza: Considering Los Angeles' recent pizza revolution, Mr. Pizza isn't necessarily the place you patronize in order to taste a gourmet Italian pie. But when it's 2 am and you're craving carbs, this Fairfax pizza joint is the place to be. Gourmet nighthawks can take the edge off with one of the many imported beers in their locked case. Pizza dough can be made thin or thick. Pick your toppings or stick to the classics. Open until 3 a.m.. 412 North Fairfax Avenue; (323) 658-7611.

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