Top 10 Food Tumblrs: The World of Tom Selleck Sandwiches

Featured Sandwich: Kielbasa
Featured Sandwich: Kielbasa

Tumblr is a blogging platform that bridges the gap between social networks like Twitter or Facebook, and a Word Press or Blogspot blog. It has yet to be utilized for a Presidential campaign or propagate any false celebrity death rumors, but the short-form, photo-heavy blogging style Tumblr promotes has made it a perfect place for people to write about food on the Internet--and that's enough for us to think its pretty rad. Following is a list of the best food-related Tumblrs out there, which run the gamut from food porn to food anthropology, from apartment kitchen cooking shows to, of course, Tom Selleck.

10. Laura Likes Food and Lists

A twist on the cooking everything in one cookbook genre of food blogs, this photo-heavy Tumblr documents one girl's attempt to eat her way through two 1001 Things to Eat Before You Die books. Of course drinking a cappuccino from just any coffee joint isn't the same as experiencing the wood fire roasted coffee blends and proprietary espresso extraction and milk-foaming procedures practiced at Rome's Sant'Eustachio--something every coffee lover really should try before they die--but it's an interesting food-eating venture nonetheless.


Tumblr's fuck yeah meme runs through a massive array of very specific obsessions, mainly celebrated with simple image posts. From actors to animals to outdated fashions (fuckyeahfannypacks?), just about every obscure like or interest has someone proclaiming their love for it with a fuck yeah and a gloat of photographs. Plenty of food tumblrs fall into this meme, but one that is best suited for the LA foodie crowd has to be FUCK YEAH PHỞ, an herb, broth and noodle-laden collection Viet food porn.

8. Food Culturalist

A wide-ranging Tumblr of food-related content, covering everything from recipes to food politics to the importance of mastication, Food Culturalists is a Big Picture blog. As Kevin Jahn--who collaborates with Katie Inglis on the Tumblr--imagines in their first post about a future interview with Terry Gross (tumblr-to-book deals are the new blog-to-book deals, apparently), being a Food Culturalist is about "look[ing] at how people use food to create meaningful experiences and how the use of food as catalysts for many different types of activities and behavior and how the USE of food can really define a culture. A lot of people can identify different types of food, you say 'mexican, italian, new american' but what does that mean?"

Bacon Bouqet
Submitted to This is Why Your Fat by Rusty Shackleford

7. This is Why You're

The URL says it all, really. This is the blog of culinary bad ideas, of instances where the cooking adage that more bacon is always better is seriously put to the test--hungry for a bacon mug full of melted cheddar cheese, porkaholics? Just looking at this website may increase your cholesterol level.

6. Korean Schooled

Korean Schooled doesn't much conform to the Tumblr platform's standard style--short, photo-heavy posts--but the more standard blogging approach of this Korean American learning to cook her country's cuisine makes for good reading. And with detailed recipes for dishes like gogi jun, there are plenty of cooking projects one could follow Korean Schooled's lead on at home.

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