Top 10 Food Habits You Picked up During College & Probably Miss

The college lifestyle

Flickr/JenguinThe college lifestyle

10. Cereal

Perhaps because most children in America grew up eating Fruit Loops or Frosted Flakes, cereal is a popular stocked item in the cabinets of college apartments and dorm rooms. The colorful rainbows may transport subconsciously homesick students back to the mornings of their childhood. With an overwhelming selection to choose from, cereal never gets old and the ability to mix to one's liking can keep a student happy for months at a time.

One of George Foreman's famous grills

photo courtesy of www.georgeforemancooking.comOne of George Foreman's famous grills

9. Anything that involves using a Foreman Grill

Most utilized after the microwave and freezer and having the ability to turn any college student's uncooked ingredients into a sizzling entree, this machine has made many a chef out of a lazy college student. From lemon chicken to grilled cheese sandwiches, the Foreman grill is a mandatory appliance in a college apartment.

8. Pizza

Delivery or frozen, convenient pizza is the go-to for anyone running low on time or energy. What's more convenient than opening a package and setting the timer on a microwave? Dialing a number and sitting on the couch while you wait for a hot pizza delivered to your dorm room.

Mac N' Cheese Dinner

photo courtesy of Kraft Inc.Mac N' Cheese Dinner

7. Mac 'n' Cheese

Cheese is key to the American student's diet. From Easy Mac to Kraft in a box, Mac 'n' Cheese is an accepted staple on most college campuses. Spaghetti O's may be prevalent in a Senior's diet, but there's no denying that the Senior had to start somewhere and that somewhere was most likely the classic, no hassle, Mac 'n' Cheese. The distant American sister to Cup Ramen, this ridiculously easy-to-make-meal has become a legacy. Not just a favorite of poor college students, both Thomas Jefferson and Ronald Reagan were both Mac 'n' cheese lovers -- so much that both men had their own personal recipes.

6. Hot Pockets

Hiding in vending machines and in the corners of freezers, these microwavable turnovers can be bought at Costco in disturbing amounts. These packaged meals utilize two of the most popular appliances of the college student -- the freezer and microwave. Portable, cheap and with an abundance of flavors, the microwave-friendly meal is a go-to when even Mac 'n' Cheese seems like a challenge.

Adams Morgan Jumbo Slice

photo courtesy of wikitravel.comAdams Morgan Jumbo Slice

5. The Neighborhood Late Night Food Stand/Take Out Joint

Every college town has at least one or two late-night stands that drunk students crowd Thursday nights. Jumbo slice pizza on the East Coast, burritos stuffed with French fries on the West Coast. Bruins flock to Gushi for bulgogi bowls during the day and food stands lining Gayley Ave. after last call at Brew Co. Trojans opt for Chano's after bar hopping and LMU students make runs to the Jack in the Box and Randy's when needed.

4. Meat in a Can

It could be canned tuna, SPAM or Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli. When people are curious or desperate (which many students most likely are), they tend to be brave and, in the case of canned meats, ready to experiment. Before college, some may have avoided packaged mystery meat, but once students taste the convenient canned food for the first time, many never look back.

Dirt Cheap Beer

Tim Archibald/FlickrDirt Cheap Beer

3. Cheap Beer

Beer is the accepted lubricant for most college social events, whether it's tapped from a keg or in the form of a 24 pack on sale at the supermarket. So it's no surprise that beer (especially the brand on sale that week) takes up a significant amount of space in the dorm fridge.

2. Your Roommate's Food

We're all guilty of it. Show me someone who hasn't reached for a roommate's yogurt when there was nothing left in their "fridge zone." Many trick themselves into thinking their roommate isn't going to miss a quarter of the Saran-wrapped pasta or remnants of a carton of Mint Chocolate Ice Cream. Some are worse than others, but that's the beauty of having roommates: you can depend on them when there's nowhere else to go. At least until they kick you out.

Pork Flavored Instant Ramen

photo courtesy of Maruchan.comPork Flavored Instant Ramen

1. Ramen Noodles

Notorious enough to be synonymous with the college lifestyle, instant ramen's legacy is unquestioned. Many a college student has relied on the rectangular packages or cylinder Styrofoam cup packed noodles. Although Juzo Itami might not be the biggest fan, millions of hungry college students turn to ramen noodles to fill an empty stomach.